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1 MINUTE 40 is a video agency specialised in video content that creates short, compelling and authentic video stories with a real-life example approach. Our goal is to engage viewers through storytelling and content marketing.

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Engaging viewers through storytelling
and content marketing


We provide creative and production services for people, institutions or corporates looking for inspiring video content for the broadcast televisions or their website/social media.

The service is generally of three stages:

  1. Scenario - formulating the idea
    - who is the target audience?
    - what message do you wish to spread?
    - who will be the voice & face, the ambassador of your brand?
    - what and where are the filming opportunities?
    - what is the budget?

  2. Filming - gathering the pictures & sounds/interviews
    - fixing shooting times and places;
    - fixing interviews slots and questions;
    - filming and recording raw material;
    - collecting extra sound and pictures (archives, photos, logos...).

  3. Editing - the less you notice the work, the better the job
    - cutting, slicing, shaving, triming from hours of raw material;
    - ordering and re-ordering sequences;
    - listening to interviews and cutting, cutting, cutting;
    - finding form, structure and logic through dozens of creative directions;
    - delivering a ready-to-post video.

what we
know about

  • Designing and creating inspiring video for events, websites and social media;
  • How to engage with your audience with content marketing and storytelling;
  • Project coordination and budget management (from basic to awesome);
  • Research and pre-production;
  • Advice on interviews and media training;
  • Location management (Ireland, Belgium, EU or the rest of the world);
  • Lighting, filming & sound recording (4K and HD);
  • Sliders, timelapse, hyperlapse, photography...
  • Editing, grading, compressing;
  • Titling, sub-titling, captions, graphic design...
  • Web & social media requirements for video posting;
  • Best contacts & suppliers to extend the production team (music, motion design...)
  • And lots more tricks of the trade acquired over the years in the video industry.

How we
video content

Today, a company with a website, a Facebook page or a Twitter account is a online publisher.

Creating and publishing own video content is key to achieving and maintaining the interest of viewers in your brand and products.

This means:

  • delivering content that highlights your values and messages;
  • broadcasting stories that communicate awareness;
  • posting testimonies that are an ambassador of your brand.

A video story is not just information; it also connects a company with its customers using emotions, a human face, and real-life examples.


A first meeting with you will help us understand your requirements and we can determine if and how we can be of help to create your video content.
After our initial meeting, we will give you an estimated cost for our services using either full day or half day rates.

video content

At 1 MINUTE 40, we create cinematic and compelling video content, we look for the most interesting and authentic story about your company or about its successes with existing clients or experiences. We believe everyone has a story worth sharing. We focus on discovering the human value story behind your brand and products.


  • Testimonials, Case Studies, Success Stories
    To analyse, explore and explain a process, project or a product and its results with a real-life story.
  • Interviews with experts (CEO, Experts, Head of R&D…)
    To deliver the vision of projects or values of your company;
    To demonstrate the expertise of your company.
  • Behind the scenes video/”Making of”/Event video
    To provide an exclusive insider perspective, highlighting and showing the best parts of an event to convey information about you company’s culture or product.
  • Tutorial videos (Explainer)
    To explain and visually communicate a new process or product.
  • Elevator pitch video
    To define quickly and simply a product or an organisation and its values in a short and clear message.
  • ...