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1 MINUTE 40 is a video agency specialised in video content that creates short, compelling and authentic video stories with a real-life example approach. Our goal is to engage viewers through storytelling and content marketing.

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It's not about delivering information, it is about inspiring

About 1 Minute 40

1 MINUTE 40 is the average time a potential client is willing to spend watching your video online if the story is captivating and generates emotions.

A video agency specialised in video content marketing, 1 MINUTE 40 creates short, compelling and authentic video stories with a real-life example approach.

Unlike traditional advertising, video content marketing and storytelling are designed to inspire customers and brand followers.
It is the art of translating an organisation’s mindset, values and processes into stories that showcase expertise.

We believe sincerity matters to people and that corporate trust and responsibility will lead tomorrow’s client’s choices.

Paul-Michel Ledoux
film maker

The dark side of the lens

The dark side of the lens

With a background in photography and filmmaking, Paul-Michel Ledoux is a Belgian Director and a creative problem-solver. Now based in Ireland, he is Director of 1 MINUTE 40, a video agency dedicated to helping companies create documentaries and corporate video for television broadcasters and the web.

Good stories stay with us long after the credits roll. Paul-Michel is driven to tell compelling stories with a cinematic eye and a human touch. He values authenticity and will search and film the inspiring and real-life stories that demonstrate a company’s expertise.

Over the past decade, Paul-Michel has directed and shot web video content for international brands such as Microsoft Europe, Manpower, BNP Paribas, The European Council, The European Commission, Barilla, Unicef, Good Year, Dulux, GlaxoSmithKline and others.

Previously, Paul-Michel produced, filmed and edited stories all around the world, covering news and current affairs in conflict zones and Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa for press agencies and international broadcasters (BBC, WTN, REUTERS, RTE, TF1, SVT…). Paul-Michel has also filmed documentaries and case studies for the United Nations and the International Red Cross.

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